Evaluation for Team Selection

Selections for each year’s travel teams begin in June. The first round of team selection each year is open to children who played on a Chatham Soccer Club Travel Team in the previous year, and all residents within the Chatham School District. Selection for a team one year, or residency in the Chatham School District, however, does not guarantee a player will be placed on the team the next year.

If team rosters are filled within an age group, the registrar shall keep an official waiting list in the event a roster spot opens.

Late registrants will only be placed after all on-time registrants have been placed.

If the teams are not filled from the initial registration pool, or if the Club determines that there may be enough interest for a second team in a particular age group (including having a coach for the second team), the Club will open selection to players from other areas who may be interested in playing on one of our travel teams. If more than one team is established within an age group, teams shall be filled to equal roster size.

Prior to January 1, teams shall be filled to the maximum roster size allowed by CDYSL unless a team is playing in State Cup. After January 1, late registrants may be placed with age appropriate travel teams after consultation between the travel committee and the coach of the team where placement would be appropriate.

If the Club is unable to establish a team (or establish additional teams within an age group) by the determined registration date, the Club will try to establish other soccer opportunities such as “Rec-Plus” teams. Rec-Plus teams compete in inter- and intra-club type activities, such as indoor soccer games at facilities in the Capital District or at soccer tournaments, but do not compete in the CDYSL outdoor spring season.