Player Commitment and Practices

Coaches shall hold a team meeting prior to the start of the indoor season to discuss team goals, plans and playing and practice expectations. Coaches, after consultation with the players and parents, shall establish a reasonable practice schedule. Players are expected to meet the commitments of their team, including regular attendance at practices. Playing indoor soccer is not mandatory for travel players but it is strongly encouraged for all players.

We understand that both families and players have many demands on their time; however, it is important that every effort be made to regularly attend practice sessions. Soccer is a team sport, and every member of the team plays an important roll once the game begins. As soccer teams compete at higher levels, the need for the team to work as a unit becomes paramount. All team members rely on each other during games. However, if a player does not attend practices or does not work hard during practice sessions, the team may suffer as a result.

Players unable to meet the commitments of the team, or who are involved in inappropriate or disruptive behavior, may be asked to leave the team after a parent or guardian and the player have received one written warning from the coach. A coach shall only issue a written warning to player after first consulting with the soccer committee.

The will to win is not as important as preparing to win. If you have a problem attending practices please let your coach know as soon as possible.