Team Structure

Coaches: Team coaches have responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the team. Coaches are responsible for teaching skills and style of play, assigning player positions, discipline at practices and games, and substitutions at games. Our coaches are required to be licensed within one year after they begin coaching with a Chatham Soccer Club Travel team. The coach is the person to first contact if you have any problems. Keep in mind our coaches are all volunteers – please give them your support.

Assistant Coaches We would like to have one assistant coach available for each team. The addition of an assistant coach allows the team to work in smaller groups and allows each player more time with individual work on the ball. Please consider this position as a parent – no experience is really needed.

Manager Managers handle the administrative duties for the team – phone lists, tournament travel plans, collecting registration information, uniform orders and other assorted duties that help the coach with the administrative aspects of running the team. Please let the coach know if you are interested in this position.