Travel Handbook

Welcome to Chatham Travel Soccer

Crellin/Morris – Chatham Soccer Club is pleased that you have decided to participate in our traveling soccer program. We plan to make this a pleasurable experience for both parents and players.

Soccer is growing and evolving at a tremendous rate. The number of children playing soccer in the United States is increasing, and the way the sport is played is constantly evolving. We strive to grow with the new ideas and changes, and hope to provide our players with the best coaching available through an all volunteer program.

The Travel Program offers competitive soccer for young people in age groups from “Under 8” to “Under 19” playing, primarily, in the Capital District Youth Soccer League (“CDYSL”). Our hope is to offer your sons and daughters an experience that will allow them to reach their full potential as both citizens of the community and members of our various travel teams. We structure our program to give every player the opportunity to develop their potential by a higher level of commitment, training, and competition.

Parents involved with the program make up a very diverse group – some with no previous soccer experience to those that have played soccer in high school, college, and beyond. Many of our past soccer players have gone on to very successful high school, premier, and college soccer teams, and have played for other teams both in the U. S and other countries.

There is a huge amount of work involved in carrying out all that needs to be done to make this a successful soccer program. We are open to your suggestions and welcome your participation